Katchia Gethers Principal of Hunley Park Elementary

“Education provides opportunity. As a leader, I am always mindful that students get one opportunity to receive the best education that will prepare them for their future.”

Dr. Deborah Davis-Cummings Principal of Edith L Frierson Elementary

“My goal in life is to help empower those I serve with the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding they will need to overpower apathy and ignorance and embrace a love for humankind.”

Cheryl F. Swinton Principal of Burke High School

“Leadership in CCSD is an empowering process. It provides the opportunity to utilize, develop, and build skills for successful transformation of all stakeholders. Ultimatally, it is an awesome responsibility that builds capacity for positive outcomes.”

Jamie McCarthy Principal of Lambs Elementary

“Being a leader in CCSD is something I carry with great responsibility, pride, and opportunity. CCSD is a supportive organization that allows the benefit of working for a large district while creating the balance for autonomous leadership.”

Jacob Perlmutter Principal of Academic Magnet High School

“In my mind, all leaders are leaders because they want to accomplish something beyond their individual capacity. They are optimistic, aspirational, and have a vision- from academic outcomes, to innovative instruction, to school climate, to community outreach, to any other endeavor. Leaders are leaders because they have a vision for a tomorrow that is, in one way or another, brighter than yesterday and they know that they’ll have to inspire others to get there.”

Keturah Gadson Principal of Northwoods Middle School

“As a leader in CCSD, it is a joy to serve my students, staff, and community because I know that I have the support of an amazing district to be my best and do my best. I have learned that working in CCSD means I am never working alone!”

Ian James Principal of Midland Park Primary and Early Learning Center

“A school leader has the unique opportunity to partner with parents, teachers, and the community to prepare scholars for their next step in life.”

Rich Gordon Executive Director of Career and Technology Education

“To be a leader in CCSD: Taking care of your people Accepting responsibility Selfless-service to others Courage to go first Resiliency when facing adversity Be-Know-Do”

Johnathon Wideman Principal of A.C. Corcoran Elementary

“To be a leader in CCSD means you get to make impact. That impact can be positive or negative. With that in mind, I hold myself to high expectations as I try to live by the famous quote of Rita Pierson “Every child deserves a champion—an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.” I am that champion for students and faculty/staff alike. This year’s message to the staff was healing the heart to get to the mind. As leaders it is extremely important for us to be understanding and empathetic to what people are going through, especially during this time. During our opening welcome back meeting, I asked the staff who are the leaders at A.C. Corcoran. The responses that were gather included the following: the principal, assistant principal, instructional coach, and grade level chairs. I then told them, that I was shocked that they didn’t write themselves. Everyday they come to school, they have an opportunity to lead our students. So at A.C. Corcoran we are all leaders because as John C. Maxwell so eloquently stated, leadership is influence.”

Steve Larson Executive Principal of R B Stall High

“Be it student achievement, equity, or relationships, we lead. Why? Because our children’s lives depend on US.”

Quenetta White Director of Special Projects

I have been entrusted to serve. That is what leadership means to me. To serve families, our community, and staff across our district each day is a humbling opportunity and a intangible gift.

Colleen Knauer Principal of Special Projects for the Secondary Learning Community

“Being a good leader in CCSD means putting teachers, staff, and students first in everything you do, leading with passion, and having the ability to build amazing relationships with all stakeholders.”

Tim Schavel Principal of Malcolm C. Hursey Montessori School

“Real leadership is leaders recognizing that they serve the people that they lead.”


Vanessa P. Brown Principal at Cooper River Center for Advanced Studies

“Every day the lives that I touch directly influences and impacts the community where I grew up, where I currently live and where my family will live for generations to come. Every decision I make matters because it will either make the life of the person I am leading better or worse. Being a leader in CCSD means I have a moral obligation to ensure my negative educational experiences does not happen to another student under my leadership.”

kim jackson testimonial

Kim Jackson Principal at Mount Pleasant Academy

“Being a leader in CCSD means standing up for our scholars and putting them first in our decision-making. It means supporting teachers and staff and making sure they have the tools they need to do their best for students every day. Being a leader in CCSD is an honor!”


Kevin Smith Principal at C.E. Williams Middle School

“Leadership means having the privilege of the responsibility to help others succeed. Leaders lead the teams and communities they serve towards a common goal to get uncommon results and to do collectively what you could not do individually.”

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