Elementary Learning Community

The Elementary Learning Community (ELC) includes 48 elementary schools including traditional neighborhood schools, Montessori programs, arts-integrated themes, as well as a variety of grade configurations. In the Charleston County School District, the ELC is designed to ensure quality schooling with a rigorous, relevant curriculum for all students. The ELC establishes the foundation for all future learning. We aim to provide basic skills as well as enrichment opportunities to develop students so that they can be college and career ready.

The leaders, teachers, and support staff in the ELC are enthusiastic about continuous improvement and finding opportunities each and every day. We pride ourselves on keeping students at the heart of our work!

Jennifer Swearingen Associate Superintendent of the Elementary Learning Community

Dr. Swearingen is a long-standing Charleston County School District employee. She started as a 5th and 6th grade math teacher at Ladson Elementary School, the assistant principal at Jennie Moore Elementary School, and the principal at Oakland Elementary School before becoming a Director of the Elementary Learning Community. In this role, she supervised and supported elementary schools across the district. She is now the Associate Superintendent for Elementary Learning Community.

Dr. Swearingen has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the College of Charleston, a Masters of Elementary Education Administration from The Citadel, a Specialist in Educational Leadership from The Citadel, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration (CD-12) from the University of South Carolina.

In her free time, she likes to do yard work and spend time with her dogs and family.

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Quenetta White

Quenetta White Interim Executive Director of Elementary Learning Community

Quenetta White first served in the field of education as a classroom teacher at Claude Pepper Elementary School in Miami, FL starting in 1992. She spent seven years in Florida before returning to South Carolina briefly to teach pre-Algebra at St. Georgia Middle School. In 2001, White returned to Miami as a mathematics facilitator at Irving & Beatrice Peskoe Elementary School, followed by a two-year post as a lower quartile mathematics teacher at Henry S. West Laboratory School.

Returning to South Carolina indefinitely, White joined CCSD as Assistant Principal at Sanders-Clyde Elementary School in 2009. In this role, White created the school’s master schedule for all grade levels; supported the implementation of the school’s vision, mission, and goals; participated on several Induction teams and SAFE-T teams; completed Competency-Building Plans; facilitated Goals Based Evaluation (GBE) meetings; and assisted the principal with all aspects of school operation and instruction. She also served as interim principal for several months in 2011.

In 2012, White was named principal at James Simons Elementary (now Montessori). During her time at James Simons, White facilitated the implementation of a full Montessori program for students age three to eighth grade, planned and opened a new state-of-the-art school facility, and worked to ensure that the needs of her students and families were met through planning and programs with valuable partners such as Charleston Promise Neighborhood (CPN), Trident United Way, and Parent Advocates. In 2017, White was named principal at A.C. Corcoran Elementary School where she served for four years before becoming Principal of Special Projects and Support for the Elementary Learning Community.

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Francine Mitchell Interim Executive Director of Elementary Learning Community

Mitchell has previously served as the principal of James B. Edwards Elementary. Throughout her career, Mitchell, an award-winning Charleston County School District teacher and administrator, has held other various positions in education including Assistant Principal and Assistant Administrator at Charles Pinckney Elementary and teacher in a variety of domestic and international settings. Mitchell holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Ohio State and a Master’s in Leadership and Counseling from Eastern Michigan. Mitchell has received several leadership awards including the 2014-2015 Elementary Learning Community’s Star Principal Award and the Palmetto Gold Award every year during her tenure at James B. Edwards.

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amy cario

Amy Cario Interim Principal of Special Projects & Support Elementary Learning Community

Amy Cario started with the Charleston County School District as a teacher in the Deaf / Hard of Hearing Program at J. H. Berry Elementary School in 1988.  She continued to serve Deaf / Hard of Hearing students at Oakland Elementary and at Charlestowne Academy as the program moved locations. 

In 2008, Cario joined the administrative team at C.E. Williams Middle School as an Assistant Principal.  In 2010, she was tasked to serve the students, faculty, and staff, at Edith L. Frierson Elementary as Principal.  From 2012-2021, she filled the same role of Principal for the St.Andrew’s School of Math and Science Elementary. 

In 2021, Cario joined the operations team as a Principal on Special Assignment to update educational building specifications for new construction projects and serve as a liaison for other Principals during the building process.

Cario has a Bachelor of Arts in Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education from Lenoir Rhyne College and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education Administration from The Citadel.

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