Elementary Learning Community

The Elementary Learning Community (ELC) includes 48 elementary schools including traditional neighborhood schools, Montessori programs, arts-integrated themes, as well as a variety of grade configurations. In the Charleston County School District, the ELC is designed to ensure quality schooling with a rigorous, relevant curriculum for all students. The ELC establishes the foundation for all future learning. We aim to provide basic skills as well as enrichment opportunities to develop students so that they can be college and career ready.

The leaders, teachers, and support staff in the ELC are enthusiastic about continuous improvement and finding opportunities each and every day. We pride ourselves on keeping students at the heart of our work!


Middle School Learning Community

The Middle School Learning Community (MSLC) in Charleston County School District believes in the connection between scholars, parents, and educators as the driving force that will positively affect academic outcomes. Making up the educators component of this partnership, the MSLC offers a number of programs in our middle schools which allows scholars to explore and pursue pathways of interest that lead towards a well-rounded college and career-ready scholar.

Through strong academic programs and a focus on social-emotional learning, we are setting the foundation for our scholars to achieve in every endeavor they may pursue. They are the heart of our work!


Secondary Learning Community

The Secondary Learning Community (SLC) in Charleston County School District believes in the connection between a positive and supportive culture/climate, collaboration across schools and districts, and rigorous, data-analyzed cirriculum and instruction to ensure students are ready for whatever they chose to do upon graduation, whether that is going directly to full-time work, into the Armed Services, to college, or any combination of these.


Acceleration & Transformation Schools

The Acceleration Schools initiative is a comprehensive, multi-year school turnaround effort focused on serving our community’s most vulnerable schools.

We will focus on serving the academic, social, and cultural needs of our students, and work alongside staff, families, and our community to develop and support the whole child. We will work to equip students with the skills needed to thrive and impact the world, while prioritizing equity and building systems that will sustain success and ensure endless possibilities for all scholars. We will empower teachers and school leaders to close the opportunity gap between our community’s most vulnerable and chronically underperforming schools, and ensure all students have access to a world-class educational experience.

Exceptional People: Every student will have a great teacher and a strong school leader.
Rigorous Content and Instruction: Every student can achieve their college or career goals.
Community Partnership: Every student and their family are proud of their school.
School Transformation: Every division is committed to transforming schools with an equitable and relentless focus on leadership, talent management, instructional infrastructure, and climate and culture.